Xbox series x gameplay Audio delay


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Hello I record and stream Xbox series x games through a capture card to obs, I have brought a new microphone as my old one broke but now I have a audio delay between the gameplay footage and the gameplay audio. This has never been an issue before only since I got a new microphone which is the Elgato Wave 3 and I don’t know why it’s happening or how to fix it as nothing else has changed my settings are still the same the set up is still the same so same capture card and Xbox series x the only thing that’s changed is my microphone and the microphone software. Can anyone help so I can get back to recording videos and streaming games please. I can’t upload a screenshot of the capture card because it says the file is to large but here is a link to it on Amazon where I brought it from over 18months ago. ZasLuke Game Capture Card, USB 3.0 4K Audio Video Capture Card with HDMI Loop-Out 1080P 60FPS Live Streaming HDMI Capture for PS4, Switch, Xbox One&Xbox 360 and More