Question / Help Worth the i7-8700 for streaming


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I just wanted to ask if the i7-8700 6x 3.2Ghz (not to be confused with i7-8700k) is worth it for streaming in 1080p/48FPS;960p/48FPS, which I mostly stream are just talks or apex (the game with the highest requirements). In addition, it may be important that I stream with a webcam that runs at 1080p and 30 FPS (which is shown in the Game Scene as well as in the talk scene).

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Hey mate, Apex legends mostly has a problem with the fact that the frame rate cap is 144 and can't change. So if you can't get past 144, then it will always use 100% of your graphics card.

OBS needs some % of your graphics card to run. That's where you will struggle. But to explicitly answer your question:

The 8700 3.2GHz will encode 1080p apprixmately:
60fps if you have 80% of the CPU free while playing.
48fps if you have 65% of the CPU free while playing.

or 960p:
60fps if you have approximately 65% of the CPU free while playing.
48fps if you have approxmately 55% of the CPU free while playing.

^^^ This is on the fast preset. On Faster, you can achieve 1080p60 with approx 75% of your CPU free. Scale down the list again with ratios, that's about the most accurate answer you can get.

If you cap out your CPU, you'll scuff the stream. Stay under.