Windows 10 - Unable to Go Live after update


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We recently had a our computer at Church running windows 10 crash and had to have Windows and all programs reinstalled on the computer. However when the computer was restored the OBS was an old version 20.0.1. I had no problems adding a video source and scene using the old version however I could not go live on Facebook using this version and was told I must update to the latest version to go live on Facebook. I updated to the latest version of OBS and Facebook would allow me to go live however I am unable to add my video source or add a new scene thus I have no video feed, just a black screen. Can someone please help solve this problem ASAP.


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and little tip if you have streamfx or streamlabs plugin installed delte the complete obs folder and reinstall obs !
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09:07:45.708: Game DVR: On
Disable it

09:07:45.708: Hardware GPU Scheduler: Off
enable Game mode in windows

09:07:46.469: base resolution: 1280x720
did you input 1080p ? set the base resolution to 1080P

but the problem is the decklink driver
09:07:46.893: A DeckLink iterator could not be created. The DeckLink drivers may not be installed

please reinstall you decklink drivers