Window Capture freezes specifically trying to record Minecraft


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I've been having issues with getting OBS to capture minecraft. The only way that I can currently capture it is through Display capture, but that will only record at 5-10 fps, not exactly ideal since I'm trying to record videos for youtube. Game capture hasn't worked for any game for me and I've basically given up since the only solutions work for windows 8/10, and I'm on Windows 7. My GPU (or CPU, I'm still new with the details of technology) is an Intel(R) G45/G43 Chipset.


IF this was the case with capturing any window I would know it's most likely my potato PC, but the fact that it still captures my mouse moving, and it "imprints" other windows in the capture instead of the 1 frame I got from the actual game; and the fact that it works fine for chrome, opera gx, my PC's settings windows, OSRS, runelite, steam. It captures all the rest fine.


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