Win 11 Upgrade - OBS causes frame drops


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I've noticed that OBS has become unusable ever since I upgraded to Windows 11. Every time I try to stream to Twitch, it's cut short by massive frame drops (in game, not in OBS) to the point that it appears to be skipping, or just freezing entirely. I've checked the known conflicting apps, and I was running MSI Afterburner but have since closed it and the issue persists. I don't seem to be getting encoding overloading, or dropped frames from connection. OBS being open on my PC causes my games to skip, specifically ones on Battlenet

I've attached a log file of my recent attempt to stream. Using Nvenc on 3080 FE


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No, sorry no specific advice as I know better than to install Win11 of a Production usage PC

Is there a specific feature in Win11 that you wanted/needed? if not, have you looked into Microsoft history of other other desktop OS release since WinME? And thinking this one will be different?
Win11 is half-baked, at best. I'm avoiding it (other than in test VMs) for at least 3-6 months, possibly longer .. time will tell
For now, if playing on bleeding edge, don't be surprised at the cuts. Good Luck