1. ssolveig

    The dreaded "If you are using NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date", but only for streaming?

    Hi there, I've been using OBS just fine to live stream on the side some games for friends for a long while now, however for some reason since Thursday I've been unable to livestream at all. I've ***no*** clue why, I've tried to change the video encoder to every single other encoder available to...
  2. R

    Recorded video does not capture separate audio tracks.

    im trying to get a video file that has seperate audio tracks within so i can edit them, but when i look at the video only one track can be heard. heres the video and some screenshots:
  3. Y

    Win 11 Upgrade - OBS causes frame drops

    I've noticed that OBS has become unusable ever since I upgraded to Windows 11. Every time I try to stream to Twitch, it's cut short by massive frame drops (in game, not in OBS) to the point that it appears to be skipping, or just freezing entirely. I've checked the known conflicting apps, and I...
  4. T

    OBS Disconnects ethernet every few minutes

    So kinda like my title says. When i stream, bandwidth test or live. Every 5-10 minutes my ethernet will disconnect randomly for 1-2 seconds. It actually shows my ethernet disappear from task manager for that second then bounce back. even in network adaptor settings my ethernet will show...
  5. A

    Does overclocking a GPU improve OBS?

    What the title says, does overclocking an RTX 2060 Super improve OBS performance? The reason I'm asking is because I believe either my monitor or GPU is having problems recording in a solid 60 fps. I currently use two monitors: 1440p 144hz and a 1080p 60hz, and before I bought my 1440p monitor I...