Will this sustain a decent stream?

James Hern

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I’d like to stream to YouTube but I am not sure if this signal strength is abysmal or so-so.


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search on bitrate resolution tables
For example, a 1280x720p 30 fps stream (per YouTube) would be
  • Video Bitrate Range: 1,500-4,000 Kbps
And then there is TCP overhead, so add anywhere from 20% to 100% (depending on how much you understand networking and every other device on your network... ie the more you understand networking, and how to control it, the less overhead (safety buffer) you need). That upload is effectively 0... so.. 'nough said
I had to be careful with a 5Mb/s upload rate (initial bandwidth throttling when COVID-19 hit), now that our DSL upload rate has increased to 10Mb/s, I can stream quite reliably at a 4000 kbps bitrate. Realize that the Internet, with its Public Peering points, are like large highways with interchanges... you can't always see it but traffic jams occur... so that upload rate isn't consistent all the way to your typical Public streaming server (part of reason to leave some buffer room)


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I wonder, didn't you all really read the picture? The report shows an upload of 0.02 mbps, which is 20 kbps, which is nothing. None. Nil. This is either an error during the test, or the OP has an upload bandwidth that is only just sufficient to support web surfing.


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Is there any possibility the test didn't run correctly? You should run it again, because I agree, this doesn't seem right