why is this program so bad


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your program was good for when i was playing Fallout 4, COD, BO3 and other games, there were no frame skips or anything that was annoying, now though after the latest update it is not even worth using anymore. i cant play Paladins, Overwatch, BF4, BO3, WAW without having frame skips, its like the program cant record second by second. I am also playing Batman and im losing frames and getting frame skips while standing still. And that not even using the net. I dont understand, if your program records what you are seeing on the screen, then why do i get frame skips, my PC is up to date, its not the best but it can hold its own. i have no other programs running, other than OBS and the game, that it is. so it shouldn't struggle but it does, i do edit and the 3 programs i use or have on my PC all have the same frame skips of the recorded gameplay at all the same time, i thought it was only on one program but no, it was on all 3. I dont know if i should use OBS or go to Xsplit gamecaster.


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Sounds like bad settings on your part rather than anything to do with OBS.

Post your OBS log from one of the problem sessions.