why is my twitch chat keeps logging out in my obs?


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i am new to obs and want to try streaming, i managed to get the chat in the screen but its like this
Screenshot (645).png

i have connected my account to obs but its still like this
anyone know whats the problem and how i can fix this?


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Yeah I've been having this problem recently too, I saw in a thing it was an issue with streamelements but I haven't had the issue ti'll the newest OBS update.


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first try delete the browser catch !


is the folder the cache is stored in. try again to login

when you had the SE plugin installed delete the complete obs folder and reinstall OBS it

use the newest version of obs the twitch api changes these days to a newer version !

you didnt need the SE plugin you can make the same with obs


when you need the events from se
add this

then need events from tipeee

for all other windows you can use the popoout function on the site and add it as custome browser dock



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I'm avoiding streamlabs because they stole the OBS name and won't stop using it. OBS has literally requested them to stop using it. Just a reference, Streamlabs is NOT OBS.