What is the best recording settings to record?


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first - not my area of expertise, so awaiting a more knowledgeable reply
in the interim
that CPU is ultra-low power CPU, so hopefully you realize you expectations should not be high for the computationally demanding task of real-time video encoding... I'm guessing a QuickSync based approach on that laptop, but just a guess on my part

and your request is sort of like what is best car/truck/motorcycle/bicycle/camera - it depends on what you are looking for

Higher quality takes more CPU and disk space, in general. And like the adage says "backups are worthless, restores are priceless".
Recording itself is fine, but you plan to use those recordings, right? That will drive some of your requirements (both video encoding format, and more). How you plan to use those recordings will make a difference. Assuming you plan to edit those files, which editor (yes, it makes a difference)
So more clarity on what you are trying to accomplish will help guide the answer
ALSO, really important, is to know how busy the laptop will be (basic Hardware resource monitoring using Task Mgr [Performance] and/or Resource Monitor). ie, if you are gaming or using video resources that are demanding you will have less CPU available for encoding


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Hi all...I have followed so many recommended steps on this forum. My video recordings are just crap. I am using Galaxy S9+ as my webcam. My green screen setup up is "not exceptional" but works fine. The OBS recording is terrible. I compare to other videos on youtube and boy, do I suck! Does anyone a some working solution for a dummie?


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@LeeMyt - hijacking someone else's thread like this is inappropriate. Please start your own thread, AND follow the pinned post in the forum directions
Using a green screen (chroma keying_) takes decent amount of CPU. You need a powerful enough CPU to pull that off.