Websocket/Noob Cmdr - Help Wanted To Trigger A Hot Key


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This is probably a proper noob question, but I can't figure it out!

I want to use Noob Cmdr to trigger a hotkey as part of the batch file, but I am struggling to figure out the websocket command to do that, and I am wondering if someone might be able to assist me with that.

I am going to use it to add a replay button to the Stream Deck similar to Nuttys Rewind one, cause my phone is not easily at hand for Touch Portal, I can see how it will work, but dang, I just can't figure out this command and its driving me nuts!


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I have the exact same question...
Seems noone might have done this yet on OBS..
I'm converting from Vmix to OBS and seems support and user support is the HUGE difference in open source and pid for softare..
I'm about to give up on obs and just go back to the tried and true working vmix.. been streming 24/7 for over 7 years with a powershell script to automate everything in vmix.. can't even get started with OBS.. though.


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There are 2 ways to use hotkeys on Noob CMDR.

One is by assigning a hotkey on OBS and then typing this command on the custom section of Noobs CMDR:


(Using O as an example, you can change this to whatever key you want using this link:
[ https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/blob/master/libobs/obs-hotkeys.h ] )

The other one is by just getting the name of the hotkey itself ( THIS ONE! doesn't require a hotkey assigned, leaving your keyboard free of hotkeys)

For this you will have to type in this command:


While the documentation implies that you need to put the name of the scene and then the hotkey as there for the example of: Replaybuffer.Save

In my case i didn't had to put the name of the scene, and the fast_forward section was the name that i found on the .json files ( located in %APPDATA%\obs-studio\basic\scenes\ ) since i was trying to trigger a filter action.

But keep in mind that in some cases this might change depending on what you want to do, some hotkeys may be stored in here:

or other times you will have to check the documentation on what you want to do:

also this thread helped me a lot on how to figure this out so check it out: