Webcam will freeze for a few seconds whether or not I'm streaming


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It started happening very recently, whether I'm streaming or just have OBS open to work on my scenes, the webcam will randomly freeze through the video capture device source for about 3-4 seconds and then catch up again. Switching scenes doesn't cause it to happen, and my audio is not affected when this happens. I use a Razer Kiyo Pro and I haven't made any recent changes to the properties, which are as follows:
- Resolution 1920x1080
- Match Output FPS
- Auto Detect Buffering

I recently updated my graphics driver in the hopes that would help, but so far no dice.


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The same for me, I use Logitech c920 pro and it freezes sometimes, at first I thought it was a Web cam issue but now I see it isn't, Is it some solution found or not yet?