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So I mostly use OBS to record my youtube videos, which require some editing before i post them. Problem is, a lot of these sessions are recording multiple videos at once into separate files (starting and stopping). With the file naming scheme as it is, it's really inconvenient because of the way multiple file names are handled (adding (2) to the end, etc).

I thought it would be a great idea to use OBS to save files more intelligently. I'm thinking that you could use variables and regexes in the file name string to indicate things like C:/Recordings/%SceneName%/Episode %number%.mp4 that would use the scene name as a path and detect other similarly named files, so recording different games (which i have as different scenes) would organize themselves really intelligently.

I'm tempted to work on it myself, but I haven't done any work on open source projects (if there's a guide or process to follow, that would be great for someone to point out).


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We have variables for file output, hold your mouse over the edit box for the file name to view the tooltip. However, most of them are for time, not for scenes/etc.


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