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OBS Lua VAPS - Volume Automation Per Scene 1.1


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VAPS - Volume Automation Per Scene - Script for automating volume levels of audio sources per scene

Reads a text file of scene names with audio automation parameters for each audio source in each scene.

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With the checkbox unchecked, create a scene list text file in "Scene List to Save" by "Browsing" to a folder and enter a file name. One by one, select each scene in your Scenes dock and adjust the audio volume sliders for each audio source as desired. Once all the levels are set, click the "Save current scene with audio sources and levels...

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Is there any way for this to work with sources in Nested scenes?. I have a music player that I want loud on my "Starting soon" scene, but quieter on everything else. Can this be added?


I really don't know if this can be done for nested scenes. I can't guarantee anything, but if I find time I'll look into it. You might have a look at the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin and see if that can do what you want.

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Love this script! One problem on Windows is that when you press "Edit loaded list file" and your filepath has spaces in it, you get an error.

This is a common thing when dealing with paths in Windows and easy to miss, but a quick fix is simply to wrap the path in double-quotes, which you can do in this script by editing line 157 from...
os.execute('start "" ' .. TEXTFILE)
os.execute('start "" ' .. '"' .. TEXTFILE .. '"')

You could also put the double-quotes in when you define the TEXTFILE string earlier in the script, but it only seems to be a problem in this one place. It works fine everywhere else, so this change should do it.


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Hi , thanks for this very helpful script.
I noticed one issue. My scene name which has a " - " in the name is not supported, the volume settings are not set for this scene.