Bug Report V22.03 - initialization problem: image slideshow's visibility preferences ignored on creation

To reproduce: Create a new scene, and then add a new slideshow to it from a directory full of images. No matter what you choose from "visibility behavior", or if it is live, previewed or inactive, the slideshow cycles continuously. This begs the question of what "if not visible" really means; I was presuming it meant "not live" on the program feed.

Added after dinking with it for a while:
If I add hotkeys for the scene to pause/play, stop and restart - and use them /once/ in the Program window with the scene, the slideshow visibility behaviors now seem to work as expected.

Request: IWBN (It would be nice...) if the stopped/paused state of a slide show could be reflected visually, either on the multi view preview/program displays in some form or as annotations in the sources window in studio mode...