Using CQP to record results in an unusually low bitrate


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I occasionally use OBS to record gameplay, but I have noticed some fuzzy elements on parts of my recordings. I use CQP at 22 (sometimes 18) to record, and mediainfo has labeled my total bitrate as around 2350kb/s. This seems very low, I am not sure if this is expected. Could someone let me know how I can increase this with CQP (generally my preferred rate control), or should I use a different rate control or something else may be the issue. Let me know what you think.



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With CQP you are picking a quality level, the lower the number, the better the quality. The amount of bits used per frame is going to vary depending on content and how often that content changes. That may be the average bitrate, you can manually confirm this. It could be reasonable depending on resolution, framerate and content.