Question / Help Using 2 (or more) Logitech c920's or c930e's together successfully!

Gregor Kobsik

New Member
I am working at an university (RWTH Aachen) and use two c920 and OpenCV in my project, but the white balance is reseted every time the cameras have no power supply. I would like to set the white balance and all the other settings directly by the code of my programm to make it more user friendly and also easier to handle. Unfortunately OpenCV cannot set the white balance on the Logitech cameras yet. The " ControlCam by Xpeace" works for me with two of the cameras at once.

Does someone have information how I could contact Xpeace to get more information on his code? I would like to implement his technice of communication with the camera in my program.

Any information on this topic would be very helpful.


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Damn, got here too late. Is the program available somewhere else? Been dealing with this problem for quite a while.