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    Really though, the keyframe requirement is a useless change. It's basically a band-aid (terrible one at that) for the underlying problem of largely uninformed broadcasters. But YouTube forces it as well so it's ok!

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    I used every method I was told of to try and keep a constant bitrate and it doesn't keep it, so I would say it has to be on Twitch's side. With CBR, CFR, my birate constantly goes up and down way too high but oddly enough broadcasting console games on Flash Media Encoder, I get an "Excellent" every, single, time.
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    Some of it *might* be caused by a currently small issue with CFR. Fix is in the works, keep an eye out for updates and/or test builds.
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    My upload bitrate is 866 kbps, what should i set my max bitrate to?
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    Alright, I have been streaming for a good time now, but some of my viewers are complaining about a constant buffer... i looked on the web and it says i should change my bitrate a bit, problem is, im not sure how to measure my bitrate. I did a quick upload test on and it said i have an upload speed of 13.8 mbps... what should my bitrate be.....
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    Please dont dig out old Threads, if you need Help with anything make sure to open your own Thread.

    Just a Tip if you want help you should clarfiy more specific what Hardware you got etc.
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    my upload speed is 0.96 mbps! what bitrate should i stream at and what other obs settings should i use?
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    Okay guys! I need help here! But for real! I have an upload speed of 30mb/s...Usually get 29.74, however when i try to stream i get the RED AND ORANGE square meaning that i am using around 800kb/s to 1mb/s......why is that happening? I have upped the bitrate to over 5000. even less or more sometimes to test it, but i can't find a fix...I really need help with this ASAP! Thanks in advance! :)
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    The same goes for you Stop digging out 4 Year old Threads, but open your own Thread instead.