Unsure why my stream is stopping randomly. Restarts after 30 seconds


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My stream works perfectly fine at the start, but it varies on when it crashes. Sometimes it doesn't happen, but on average its once every 2-3 hours. It will instantly go from green to red on the bottom right, then on the bottom left it will say a disconnection error, and then establishing reconnection. It reconnects within 30 seconds. This has been happening ever since I moved into my new apartment. I checked my settings on my computer and OBS, everything is just about the same as my partner with no issues. We share the same ethernet/router, so I don't think its a wifi/router issue since theirs never cuts out or have problems. I could use all the help I can here. Here are multiple logs to look at since I am unsure which one will give the most information. Thank you!


  • 2023-04-24 13-26-59.txt
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