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Hello, I was streaming in facebook around 2 months. 6 days ago I've had problems, the bitrate that I use is 8000kbps. The stream is going well but after few minutes, the bitrate goes down to 4000kbps or less. Then the bitrate goes up to 12000kbps or 30000kbps (I don't know why xD). I tried everything. Open OBS as administrator. Turn off firewall in windows and in my router. Reinstall windows and OBS. change the bitrate to 6000kbps. But I still have the problem. The bitrate sometimes goes down for 10 seconds. But in another cases the bitrates goes down for 2 or more minutes... Please help me :c I don't want change my ISP because y recently upgrade my plan to 100mb. I attach some captures and the logs. I don't have this problem in twitch but I have somo followers in facebook and if I change to twitch probably I will have 0 viewers :c xD

Sorry if my inglish is so bad. But my native language is spanish


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