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Feature request:

Ability to add sound triggers based on what is typed in chat.

I know there's already the "message" and "nick name" sounds, but I'm thinking of customizeable sounds.
As an example if someone wrote "LOL!" It could trigger a sound to play, such as a person laughing.
It's nothing essential, but it does add some fun for both the viewers and the streamers.

I know some chatbots allow for this (such as Ankhbot) but that requires the "hotword" to be the ONLY word written, so it wont trigger if someone wrote it in the middle of a line - and ankhbot only works for twitch.
As I said, nothing essential - But just a fun feature for when you've got the time for it.


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Thank you for the replies, got it all set up now :D
Other times while running UB2 the "system" task(the generic one that's just called "system") takes up 20-50% of the CPU. Haven't encountered this when not running UB2, but that could be a coincidence though.

Regarding this, I'll just post info here as I find something that I think is relevant.

Today while streaming Arma 3 Coop (which was also the game I was streaming when this happened earlier) the system process skyrocketed in CPU% and pretty much locked up the system.
Stream crashed, chrome crashed, and eventually when I managed to close UB2 the system CPU% dropped down to "normal" levels (which is around 0-4% for me).

Edit: 06.02.16

I'll edit this to avoid spamming you with double posts ;)

The issue is happening a LOT when playing Arma. Almost on every map load (in custom missions).
I've tried using the Restream app in my previous stream since UB2 kept crashing the stream. Same networks, no crazy cpu usage when using the Restream app.
I'm going to try some more troubleshooting in the following days when I stream and report back here.
(I'll just keep updating this post if there's no new posts in the thread here)
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Hello codex.

for reasons of bigger nature, i stopped streaming for a few months.
Now im back at it but i've stumbled upon a problem which is my Hitbox chat isn't beeing picked up by UB2.

I've search other comments in this forum and tried all the different things suggested (logging out of hitbox, restarting the service on UB2, checking for case sensitive on the channel name in the UB2 hitbox configuration, etc.) and nothing seems to made it work.

could you plz check out what could be causing this?

For now, i'll keep UB2 running for the web server chat (which i use as a chat display on the stream) but i'll switch to ReStreamChat on my monitors so i can read both the chats.

Thanks a lot.. keep up the great work.


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Is there a way to replace big black window with text "Chat is ON! Be first to say Hi!"? It covers me a lot of screen, when I use it to show at the top of other windows.
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Hey Codex, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on Ubi 2.
Saw your message about restream chat, going to use it now!
Thank you, you're number 1.

P,S Any clues how i can use sc2tv there? i guess i can't lol


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Well i don't know where to write to you about that new program you support but Good Game chat isn't working properly there it is showing connected but msg's won't go through...


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Please! Don't leave! Restream chat doesn't allow you check other chat channels from other people's streams, also when someone posted a image it doesn't scrolled all the way to bottom, and Ubiqitous 2 Chat plugin for OBS is way more optimized. I still think Ubiqutous 2 Chat is way better over Restream chat app.
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Sadly, Ubiquitous2 is broken now. It doesn't work with twitch, it gets disconnected from my channel, while restream chat got an update that fixes this issue.

Sadly restream chat missing few important functions:
- no info about current number of viewers at each sites in chat window,
- lines of chat don't disappear after specific period of time (it's useful to just hide messages that are no longer needed).

So I still have to use Ubiquitous2 that is currently broken with twitch, I hope it will get the same fix as the restream chat got.
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About Restream Chat are you considering to add a viewer list similar to the Ubiquitous you were working on? And is there also a obs plugin for the chat window like in Ubiquitous? These 2 issues are the only thing preventing me to switch over form Ubiquitous to Restream Chat.
The benefits for the OBS plugin is you can have 2 different scales, on the 2'nd monitor and on the stream.
it would be nice if you could add theses features to Restream Chat.


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This is for Restream.io/Chat.
Been having a lot of issues with youtube chat lately.

If works if I restart the chat program after the stream has started, but if I start restream before going live then youtube doesn't show up.

It's been a few times now that people have jumped onto my twitch to notify me that the youtube chat was down.

Any files or anything you need from me to troubleshoot this?


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Hi, The ubiquitous2 chat is supposed to be autoscrolling right?
because that's not the case for me, I've to manually scroll down all the time :/