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TwAlert 2014-04-27


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Just thinking it would be good to be able to configure the amount of time the name stays on screen, and even an option to have it permanently visible until it gets updated.


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hey, i use the 64bit version for my 64bit-OBS and it doesnt work
the plugin is installed, so obs sees TW-Alert under "plugins" and i also can configure it
there i can fill in my twitchname and the refresh-time (1000ms)
there is written: "Please create in every Scene you wish to show the Update an Textbox with Name "TwAlter-Text"
so i've done this, i reightclick ---> add text --> name as TwAlert-Text
but there happens nothing... dont i have to connect it with my twitch? and also why should i use the normal "text" to activate the Tw-Alter? wtf pls help pl0xerino


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What I've been able to figure out so far...

1) Put the 32-bit version in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\plugins" directory.
2) Run "Open Broadcaster Software (32bit)", click on "Plugins" button.
3) Select "Twitch Follow Alert" from the list of plugins, click the "Configure" button.
4) Enter your "Twitter Channel"... Note: I'm not sure if that means the entire "link" or just the "id name".
5) Create a "Textbox" with the name "TwAlert-Text"... Note: I don't know if that means to put TwAlert-Alert in the "empty entry square" of the textbox or to "name the textbox". I tried every version I could come up with but no luck :-/

Some clarity would be helpful.


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Out of curiosity could this be used to "grab video" from a webcam and overlay that onto stream so i could personally welcome new followers/subs/dontators? i'd like to have that capability but dont want to have a webcam runinng constantly blocking gameplay. i've looked around and i haven't seen any programs that are capable of this.


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could this notify me when pple start watching my channel? or start chatting? cause every time I stop streaming I find pple have been trying to talk to me and I didn't notice until later. its really hard to monitor chat and play games at the same time....


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Wait.. How do I make it show? I typed my twitch name in and followed with a test account... Nothing happened.. How do I make it work?


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what do i do, i made a text source in a scene that is name TwAlert-Text and onthe message thing inside i did the same thing, is that how it works because it just says TwAlert-Text real big on my screen