Trying to switch bewtween two scenes while preview on monitor 2



Hi Friends,

So I once had an idea (here , here and here) to preview a scene on the same monitor minus OBS which is now possible which is amazing.
(The "Hide OBS window from screen capture while recording" setting)

Now I have an issue, I am trying to switch between two scenes while I preview on one fullscreen projector.

sometimes it works and it's great when it does, but it takes me about 20 minutes to play around before I get it to work and if I change anything it takes me another 20 minutes to mess around to get it to work again and I can't understand what am I doing right when it does work.

So I have two scenes and two monitors.

I want to work on monitor 1 but to look at monitor 2 that shows the preview of monitor 1 with all the sources showing in real time.

so I preview what I got on monitor 1 which is one of the two scenes minus OBS - on monitor 2

The issue is that transitioning (using a hotkey) doesn't always work and shows only scene 1 or 2 but doesn't let me switch between them.
I'm trying to preview scene 1 on monitor 2 and then to switch to preview scene 2 on monitor 2 going back and forth.

I can view only one scene but transitioning between the scenes only works sometimes.
I don't understand how I can get it to work all the time.

Many Thanks in advance.