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totalViews Software (twitch) - Loyalty Bot/Software, Giveaways, Filters

Count how many minutes your viewers spent watching your channel.

Main additional features:
- giveaways
- chat filters
- export list as html



How to setup:
After you downloaded the file, just unzip it. Run "totalViews.exe" get a token access from the site then press "Start".

Works for Windows OS only (x86 and x64)

It's easy to setup,...

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Does the twitch api count the minutes so you can grab it or does the software monitor the chat and listed users or how does it work? :)


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TripleXplosive updated totalViews Software (twitch) with a new update entry:

totalViews Software (twitch)

- Added error messagebox if user/channel is still undefined before start.
- Added credits system. Type !credits in chat to view how many credits you have.
Your viewers can send you messages by typing !msg <message>. You can view these messages on the User Interface.
Every messages will cost credits, depends how much you want.


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