There is a way to create a python script that positions sources on the screen?


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I'm Germano Carella, from Italy.
I'm a visually empaired person that uses OBS studio to create videos.
So, I have a problem by positioning sources on the screen with screen reader and keyboard.
I set 2 video sources on the scene. Second video source covers the first on screen, and to position it to the left or right I have to use mouse.
Screen reader can't use mouse, so I need help of a sighted person to perform this action.
I'ma python developer, and I'm wondering if it is a way to create a python script that help me to position sources on the screen.
1) I put video sources on the scene.
2) I press a key that activates the script.
3) in script dialog, I select source froma ComboBox, select his with and height, and finally set left and top parameter.
4) I repeat step 3 for all video sources I previously put on the scene.

Can I write this kind of script in python, or there is already something I can use?
Thanks for your help!