Question / Help The audio is echoing when unmuted, no YT videos with solution


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My current predicament is that I would like to record the audio from my desktop alongside the video. However, whenever I unmute OBS in the volume mixer, I can suddenly hear audio from myself. It isn't from my mic, it's from my output device whether it be my laptop or my headphones when I plug them in. This even persists when I have all audio channels disabled on OBS.

I've accidentally solved this problem before, but the problem came back the very next time I opened OBS. Could I get some help to find a solution or at least a temporary one that I can remember to repeat?

Log File:


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You have your monitoring device set to your desktop device. Make sure you don't have monitoring enabled on any audio sources in the Advanced Audio Properties (click a cog in the mixer to get there). You can also try setting your monitoring device to an unused output in Settings->Audio.
Additionally, if you are livestreaming, DO NOT watch the stream from the same system you're streaming from, or it will create an audio loop.