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I only want to thank u for the epic work u did. Its amazing!

Thank u so much!

Greetings from Germany

Opensource ftw!


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No no, thank you! <3

It's still in alpha, and everyone has been amazing in helping me find all the bugs and suggesting new features. At this rate beta will be pretty soon.


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I'm actually going to bump this thread and post the same thing. Amazing work. I love that the software is so simple and just works. You don't have to click two thousand times to do something and spend all your time to find menues because of all super-design-photoshop boxes with advertisments and stuff. And it doesn't kill your computer (using it with Dxtory) like xtory does.

You will probably see people screaming how bad it is because of missing features, bugs etc. So just don't forget that there are many people out there that appreciate OBS very much.

I will continue using and follow this project. Good luck!