Text (FreeType2) With Templates

Text (FreeType2) With Templates 2024-02-19


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markjay submitted a new resource:

Text (FreeType2) With Templates - Allows you to easily templatize the text in your scene collections

This is an enhancement to the Text (FreeType2) source for Windows. With it, you can enter text such as:

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Then, you can go to Tools->Edit Text (GDI+) With Templates Variables

That will show you the variables that it has found across all of your scenes:

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Then, you can fill them in:

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And, you see your source update:

[ATTACH type="full"...

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Thanks for porting this to MacOS in such a timely manner! It works well.

I tried to delete my Text source and OBS just quit. Then I remembered to remove the {{}} fields from the text source prior to deleting and that seemed to do it...

I know you said you are done with this, but perhaps you might consider adding the ability to harvest fields from a json file like:
I guess it might then need a transport bar of some kind with <<back. ||pause >play. forward>> buttons on which would populate the next/previous json record... the play/pause could be to show/hide the current record... Then it would be like a text slideshow.... just an idea.


Alternately/additionally, the window which opens to allow the fields to be edited like first:________ last:___________ could instead show a list, which the user could add/edit/delete with +, =, -, buttons, whereby the {{first}} {{last}}, etc could be added to an internal list, which could then be traversed with a transport bar....