Question / Help Terribly blurry video. New dSLR, New Computer, Reinstall complete, HELP!


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I have been trying like mad to get decent video quality for live streaming to YouTube. This is for business purposes. We live stream to our customers on YouTube. I used to have a Nikon D5300 going straight to the computer and being captured with SparkoCam. It was derated due to the hardware. So I got a new Camera, a Sony A6500 with a really nice lens. I have that camera set to 1080P output at 30FPS, NTSC. It looks gorgeous in the preview on OBS studio. I run the cam through a capture card.

From there, everything goes south. Insanely blurry doesn't even accurately describe how bad this looks on YouTube. I have messed with every setting, every resolution, frame rate, downscaling option (off included). I have messed with bitrates. I tried 10 FPS. I tried up to 30. The frame rate always looks ok on YouTube, but the image resolution is about 320x240. You can't read text, see details, nothing.

So I went off the deep end, bought a new computer. Coffee Creek i9 9900K, 64 gigs of ram, massively fact PCIe solid state drive, you name it, this machine has it. Video card was re-used from the old build, it is an AMD FirePro V7900. This is a WORKSTATION GPU. Not a gamer card. I am not a gamer, I run design software when I am not doing video work. I have installed drivers several times, reinstalled windows, reinstalled OBS studio, and installed the OBS studio plugin on my graphics configuration utility. I can only run software OpenGL (x264 is the option). I want to try hardware encoding, but I cannot figure out how to make that option work. I don't think that will change anything though.

I have tried 0 (auto), 2, and 4 keyframes per second in the OBS settings.

I have also done this with screen capture, so the camera and cables are out of the equation. The video still looks like garbage on YouTube. I experimented with ALL the settings again with screen capture. I tried everything from 1080 down to 320. It *may* have looked worse on 320. Slightly. That is how bad this is!

My upload speed is 5 mb/s. I can afford more, but it isn't offered here. I have 30 mb/s down, not that it has much affect. I do notice that my OBS starts to record a high % of dropped frames when I set the max upload bitrate over 4500 or so (which makes sense).

Please help. I am into this for thousands and I have made no progress.

live videos are at GO to the live videos. Last 2 were done on this same setup. Next video is today in an hour.


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When I view the stream live it is like I describe (horrible). But when I go back later to look at the posted version of the live feed (we don't record and upload, it is actually from the live feed) - the video looks about right for 720p. I think my internet service must be cutting my res way down since I'm hogging up all my upload speed or something.

There is some choppiness. I think the live experience was worse (based on the comments). is the link to the video from yesterday.

My original post still has accurate information on settings. I will execute your suggestions Qhobbes and report back with results as I have time.

For anyone else - it appears that my video isn't nearly as bad as it looked form my computer viewing the live stream on YouTube. I am sure there is room for improvement. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.