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OBS Lua Teletype News Ticker 1.2.1


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Nice script, thanks Phoebe!
Just a minor issue: the dropdown list of text source names (in the properties) does not get populated.
To fix, change function "obs.obs_source_get_id()" to "obs.obs_source_get_unversioned_id()" in function script_properties():
      source_id = obs.obs_source_get_unversioned_id(source)
I went ahead and fixed this in 1.2.1, which teaches me that I need to read these comments BEFORE tinkering with the scrip that I haven't touched in 5 years.
Awesome script. I just made a tutorial on it. I hope the script gets the attention that it deserves.
I'd love to see the tutorial if you still have it somewhere!
Thank you so much for making this available, but somehow I can't get it to work on my Mac. The script installed properly and everything is there, but not seeing the letters come in individually like they should. Any advice or tutorials you can recommend would be appreciated. I've watched Andi Lippi and Scott F's vids, but still no go. Perhaps I need a certain style lettering or something? They are also on Pc's and I'm not. Thanks in advance. Update: I did get it to work!!! I changed it to UTF-8 in my word processor and it's working. Gotta change parameters to my liking though. LOL. Thanks
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I can't figure out the parameters for when it should start. I mean I would like it to start when I activate the source or seen and it seems that there is always a delay no matter what I do. Any ideas? Thanks.