TCD (Let Twitch Chat Decide your mouse Click)

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thesilent990 submitted a new resource:

TCD (Let Twitch Chat Decide your mouse Click) - You can make Twitch chat for example pick your Hearthstone Arena deck

  • About this tool:
This tool was made with Hearthstone Arena deck picking in mind, in which for example you can let twitch chat decide which card to pick by voting, then this tool after a while will perform a left click on the location (the most voted for option) the user decided earlier.
Even though this tool was made with Hearthstone cards picking in mind, it still could be applicable to pretty much any similar games/apps/programs or whatever...

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When i try to start this Programm i get an error: Not enough system Resources.
And every Firewall and Anti Vir Program in my system alerts me its spyware o.O Is that normal?


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where is the download link? most links bring me to the top of the info page, and pressing download brings me to "cut URl" or something which makes shorther URLs for some reason, after that, it brings me to a car website, where the fukk am i supposed to get the download? (edit) also, the link just brings me to a bunch of ads, thats all it does