TCD (Let Twitch Chat Decide your mouse Click)

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  • About this tool:
This tool was made with Hearthstone Arena deck picking in mind, in which for example you can let twitch chat decide which card to pick by voting, then this tool after a while will perform a left click on the location (the most voted for option) the user decided earlier.
Even though this tool was made with Hearthstone cards picking in mind, it still could be applicable to pretty much any similar games/apps/programs or whatever the streamer wants that involves Twitch Chat + Voting + Perform left mouse click on screen.

  • How does it work:
The user interface might look a little bit confusing at first, but don't worry it's very simple to use once you understand it.
Follow these steps and you'll be OK:

  1. After you open the tool, in the channel field type in your channel name, then click connect. (you'll connect to your channel as a guest).
  2. Set up how many times do you want to repeat the voting process (e.g. 30 times for Hearthstone arena picks), then how long each voting process will take (in seconds), and finally you can set an idle time between votes (to account for stream delay for example).
  3. Now you are ready to set your vote choices (points on screen), click on "Select Point From Screen" button once then it'll turn red, this means that the tool is ready to register you next mouse click as a new option for twitch chat to vote for (it will register the location at which you clicked your mouse on), repeat for as many options and locations you want twitch chat to vote for.
  4. Now you're ready to hit "Start Voting" button to start the voting process, once you start, you can't edit any of the options.
  5. After one voting cycle finishes, the tool will sort the votes and perform a left mouse click on the winning location, then repeat the voting process.

Finally, this tool is still in the very first stages of development, so bugs/crashes/random errors are expected, if you encounter any of these, please be patient and report the issue here before rating this tool.

What to expect next:
- Adding live vote count, and more info for streamers to show to their viewers
- ???
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