Tascam Series 208i Works In Any DAW (Audacity, etc.) AND Discord But No Audio Meter or Any Audio In Recordings/Stream


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I am not the only one with this, as it seems to have persisted for a few other users.

Windows detects the audio input, Discord and other Digital Audio Workstation software (Audacity) recognize the device input just fine. Ideally I would like to get this device working for multi-person podcasts.



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Is the 208i running at 48k or otherwise bound?
Yes, it is.

In this case installing the OBS ASIO plugin seems to have helped fix it, I now just add the mic input 1 as an ASIO device.

In this case I used the device in macOS and it works/detects perfectly in OBS. The problem is either how OBS handles this type of device (as it was working a few weeks ago/months ago) or something in Windows updated and messed it up...

EDIT: in Windows the ASIO microphone input 1 is very low/weak. In macOS if I do not touch the gain knob it is a perfect level. Something weird about the Windows side of things with OBS lowering the gain. If I crank the gain up then I unfortunately start to pick up typing and other sounds.


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Unter macOS there is already "normal" level just the gain knob totally cranked _down_? Thats unusual for microphones at input. For condenser mics it would be normal to crank-up to the 9..1 o'clock, for passive dynamic mics up to 2..4. (given the typical 65..68 dB Gain at mic preamps.)

By cranking up the gain knob its normal to bring up your voices and signal and the noises, too. Gain doesn't distinguishes between things to gain. =)

In any way its very important to disable the win10 feature "auto ducking". In almost any case it makes things worse...

However, if it works now reasonable for you.. sounds good. :)


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I know this is an old thread, but I found it looking for a solution to the same problem. A second ago I realized OBS was only showing 2 tracks and my mic was plugged into channel 4. On a whim, I moved it to channel 1 on the 208i, and sure enough, it showed up in OBS on the left channel. I moved it to channel 2 and it showed up on the right channel in OBS. Not sure yet how to get OBS to recognize all inputs or how to pre-mix the inputs, but hopefully this will help someone else. I'm on a mac, so this might not have anything to do with what you're experiencing, but it was my issue.