Question / Help Syncing Audio


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Hello OBS Community,

I am having issues running audio, likely learning issues, so here is what the configuration and what is happening...

MacBook Pro Mid 2014 with 16 gig Ram, Lumix G7 Camera, and Blue Yetti mic.

When I 'RECORD' a file I am seeing a 6.9-second delay in audio and video. I figured this number by using iMovie and separating the audio and aligning a clap to the audio spike. In this case, I had the scene setup with the G7 as Video and I set up the YETI as an Audio device.

after researching I found a video that said to make the microphone part of the video device. So I tried the following;
Facebook Live Stream - Added the G7 to a new scene, then clicked on the gear in the audio properties, advanced properties and changed the default audio to the Yeti Mic. Tested, go close but not perfect with a 150ms shift in the audio properties.

My questions are these;
1) Should I set the Blue Yeti to be part of the Video configuration as is shown here:
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 8.57.33 AM.png

or should I keep the audio and video as separate devices as I have done here:
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 9.00.10 AM.png

Is there a difference in having the audio device as a separate device as in example 2 or combining the device as part of the VIDEO device as was done in example 1?

2) any suggestions on how why I am seeing almost a 7 second difference when recording locally to a MKV file?

Thank You for any help the community can offer.


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Question: Are there any suggestions on how to figure out the timing offset other than guessing and checking? I have tried to use a clap/clap board and then alligned the spikes in iMovie however iMovie will not tell me what the audio and video off set is.