Suggestion: Stop before disk space is full


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So when you're recording and your drive reaches 0 free disk space, OBS will keep recording but you're left with a corrupt mp4 video.

Is there any way to have OBS keep an eye on disk space and stop/alert once it nears 0%? That way the footage is still usable and you have an opportunity to clear out some space before recording again.

I don't think it'd be too hard to do, but I'm no software developer so hey.


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Windows already is capable of low disk space warnings so this should be a case of a simple hook in to said functionality there. Combine this with "maximum recording length" and "maximum recording file size" options and no problems should occur after.

As an afterthought, an option to set a failover drive for when a low space threshold is hit would be great too. Hit threshold, stop recording and save file and automatically continue using failover drive - might require OBS to have a buffer for seamless file splitting so as to not lose/duplicate footage during this, but this way no corruption should occur if you fail to notice a space issue before it is too late.