Suggest web site change to make OBS Studio overwhelmingly the default pick over Classic


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I think its time to deprecate OBS Classic a bit more on the web site, and make it more difficult to find, in favor of OBS Studio. The questions on the Classic help forum indicate a lot of people new to streaming are choosing Classic over Studio, when they could have gotten up and running more easily had they chosen the other way around.


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This is planned once OBS Studio reaches a bit closer in parity to OBS Classic. There is a complete redesign of the web site in the works.


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I totally approve this suggestion, because this would invite plugin developpers to FINALLY put their interest on the fabulous version that is OBS Studio instead of OBS Classic...


Last time I used OBS studio it barely supported the features of the original. Have you guys taken the time to make a import manager to allow easy migration to the new version?

People don't pick OBS classic simply cause it's the default choice. It's also easier to use and setup with a better UI, it's also far less buggy and glitchy.
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OBS studio is the one thats easier to use. Setup your streaming service enter a bitrate and done. Not to mention the recording presets.


I've used Studio, I would definitely disagree. Just because something has a wizard doesn't make it easier to use.


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Not really sure what you mean by "wizard"...?
An "import manager" as you call it is available for quite some time, thanks to Rodney:
Apart of maybe the replay buffer and minimize network impact, pretty much all features are available as well. In the main UI only three things are different compared to Classic. The Audio Mixer and the Transitions section and maybe the now included buttons to remove, add and order sources. Which were added to make it easier than in OBS Classic for people to add a source when they first used OBS. (People often asked how to add sources instead of trying a right-click)
Sources and Scenes can be ordered by drag and drop as well, which is another thing that makes it easier. Using game capture got easier, if you run your games in fullscreen OBS can simply detect them, the old methods of OBS Classic are also available. Oh and you can drag and drop image files as well as videos onto OBS to add them as a source. (In the future also txt files)
The Settings have mainly been re-ordered but are also pretty much the same as in OBS-Classic with the option of using a simple settings interface or an advanced one for your streaming and recording settings. Hotkeys are now all in one section and often requested hotkeys have been added (Hide/Show Source for example).
Multiple Audio Tracks are possible but with the default configuration you do not have to worry about it. Talking about audio, you can right away select 2 Desktop and 3 Microphone devices and Studio gives you the option to add any sound device to your sources as well. Thanks to the new audio mixer I mentioned earlier you can also mix them as you like, change each volume indipendent and give each audio device its own filters.

I could probably go on and talk about transitions, studio mode, the custom ffmpeg output, all the video and audio filters. And the good thing is, you only need to use the features you want, so if they seem overwhelming, just dont use them. But please, first give the software a try before you start moaning and talk about versions that are maybe years old.