Question / Help Suffering from excessive skipped frames when recording 1080p locally


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Hi all. I need help on how to fix/tweak my OBS or system settings to avoid encoding lag when recording a game locally. Take note, i am not streaming. I can play Dota 2 on all high settings and over 60+ fps (capped using nvidia settings). I've tried to experiment with the settings and all and even adjusted my gpu settings via nvidia panel and geforce experience but to no avail. My driver is updated, i run OBS as admin, i disabled preview and tried both nvenc and x264 settings. Not sure why but i think this shouldn't be too hard on my rig since purchased a fairly decent one and i'm not really into live streaming and using high gpu game. There's also no FPS dropped whenever watching the actual game footage while recording. But the actual recording would have very laggy output even on 720p base resolution. I even switched and tried flv before going back to mp4.

Below is my system info:
21:48:12.875: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor
21:48:12.875: CPU Speed: 3394MHz
21:48:12.875: Physical Cores: 6, Logical Cores: 12
21:48:12.875: Physical Memory: 16332MB Total, 10987MB Free
21:48:12.875: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 18362 (revision: 657; 64-bit)
21:48:12.875: Running as administrator: true
21:48:12.875: Aero is Enabled (Aero is always on for windows 8 and above)
21:48:12.875: Windows 10 Gaming Features:
21:48:12.875: Game Bar: Off
21:48:12.875: Game DVR: Off
21:48:12.875: Game DVR Background Recording: Off
21:48:12.876: Game Mode: On
21:48:12.877: Sec. Software Status:
21:48:12.878: Windows Defender Antivirus: enabled (AV)
21:48:12.878: Windows Firewall: enabled (FW)
21:48:12.878: Current Date/Time: 2020-02-21, 21:48:12
21:48:12.878: Browser Hardware Acceleration: true
21:48:12.878: Portable mode: false
21:48:13.249: OBS 24.0.3 (64-bit, windows)

I've also attached log files for all those times i tweaked the settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. i can add more information upon request. TIA.


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