Sudden Choppy Audio OBS equipment and software are fine though? Answered


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Is this you?:
Keep restarting your computer to factory settings in the last attempt to fix the choppy audio because you can't find anything wrong with your equipment, software, or the connections in between? Here's the reason. Your device's audio settings in the control panel are automatically set to max and are causing it to easily peak and clip in the obs software.

your solution:
go to the control panel, select sound, a little window pops up with a list of devices and 4 tabs "playback, recording, sounds, communications", click the "recordings" tab, select your mixer, interface, etc whatever you're using to put your sound into the computer to obs, another window appears with "general, listen, levels, advanced", click levels, set to 90. Click Ok. You're good to go.

If this didn't work let me know