Stuttering Stream


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I've been having this issue for about a year now. No matter what settings I use, it keeps happening.

The YouTube stream starts fine, but within just a few minutes, the stutter kicks in making the game look really choppy. I stream from a console using an Elgato 4K60 Pro Mk2 -- and I've tested with an Avermedia Live Gamer 4K -- but the issue happens with both. My internet is 350 down, 40 up. It doesn't matter if I set the bitrate to 8000 or 15000 (in case I'm streaming in 1440p 60fps), it keeps happening.

I will occasionally get a message that the encoder is overloaded, but I'll still get this message regardless of encoder settings. I have an 8700K, with a 2080Ti and 32GB RAM, which I thought was more than enough to handle a 1080p/1440p 60fps stream. Recording stuff in OBS has the same issue. Very stuttery footage. When I record on Elgato's 4K Capture Utility, the footage looks silky smooth.

I've formatted my PC maybe 4 times in the year since it started happening and I'm at a loss as to what to do.

Have you guys had this issue before?