Studio Mode Modifications


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I was curious if there was a plan to make a more clearly labeled studio mode, I found it difficult to figure out what was happening, something like putting in a GUI label for what is the live stream and what is hidden in the prep area would have been tremendously helpful.

Also, are there any plans to make the studio mode multi-scene preview? Like have a 2x2 grid of scene preview plus the live output. It should also probably be an optional layout, as I feel like it could be a CPU hog to preview that many scenes.

P.S. I love this feature and I donated as soon as I gave it a try, amazing work.


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The UI is not finished, but I think the main reason for this is that there is no finished design for it yet.

In the future we will have more than one Layout available. Probably an easy mode (maybe without the studio button), a more advanced mode, similar to what we have now and a "real" Studio mode is possible as well. Which shows all current sources live in a grid for example.


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I would love this too.
And to be able to stack it and not only have it side by side.
For me it would fit better to have preview on top and the output on bottom.
It would generally help to be able to make obs thinner.
Nice feature all in all.


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Additions to studio mode sound like a fantastic idea. I'm used to working on traditional vision mixers, and a studio mode layout that mimics that functionality would be fantastic. If this were to be combined with some way of having layered sets of scenes (similar to wirecast's treatment of shots and layers), you could emulate the downstream keyers of a hardware vision mixer, while still being able to build chromakeys & picture-in-pictures and so on as a background scene.


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I'm used to work with blackmagic atem mixers and really like the new studio mode!
I have configures the number keys for switching to scenes (preview) and space for transition (cutting them in).
That feels really like blackmagic's software.

Whats missing is a live preview of all scenes.
For that i really like the layout of the atem mixers:

the green border for preview and red for program is also very helpful and intuitive. Also display names of scenes.