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Hi all!

I've been having issues on and off for a while with my stream regarding encoding or dropped FPS, but brushed them off because I had a heap of old junk on my PC - I've done a full Factory reset on the whole system, reinstalled everything from scratch, and still seem to be having issues. The logs attached are while running Overwatch on the lowest graphics settings, but the same issues happen on other games too (Farcry 5, Dead by Daylight, Stardew Valley) and my whole system seems to be 'jittery' while streaming too (Other streams in a web browser often buffer or freeze more while streaming). I'm hoping someone could help!

So far I've tried:
  • Full Factory Reset - Install Windows from scratch, download drivers directly from manufacturer's websites, limit background processes as much as possible.
  • Update BIOS and Drivers - As above, everything I've found should be up to date.
  • Fresh install of OBS - To different drives and directories.
  • Streaming/StreamTest without Webcam - This often 'glitches' while streaming (Think of Penelope from Wreck It Ralph?)
  • Stream with only OBS and Game loaded - No chatbot, browser, or any other non-essential background processes.

The only thing that has stuck out to me on the Log that I can see is the following:
18:44:53.469: [AMF] [H265/HEVC] Not supported by any GPU, disabling...

I have streamed for a while, but still know nothing about encoding, and how I can improve this. I'm prepared to throw money towards a new graphics card if need be, but if a new card wont improve this, then I guess there isn't much point.

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the speedy reply!

I've disabled the SLI mode, and limited the FPS in game, but my whole system just appeared to freeze up - Is this more a hardware limitation?

Log from StreamTest attached - Thanks again for the help!


  • DomotiusLog_OverWatch_H.264_5000kbps_NoSLI.txt
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Tried streaming with x264 as well (Same 5000kbps). Log Attached.

It suddenly froze my whole system with a heap of encoding overload errors. When I stopped the stream test the system went back to normal, but OBS was saying between 0.5fps - 12fps until I forced the process to stop. I feel like if I tested this with the 'Faster' encoding preset, then it would be an even worse response.


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Completely remove the R9 from the system, you're doing yourself no favors by having it installed.