Stream Starting Automatically After Changing Title (Twitch)

So this has happened a few times now and I finally was paying enough attention to see what I was doing that was causing the issue.

When I open the "Stream Information" dock and change the title of my stream as soon as I leave that box the stream starts. I don't have to click "Done" down at the bottom of the thing, it just starts on its own.

Now this is concerning because I have the box checked that requires me to verify that I want to start the stream, and if I click on "Start Streaming" then I have to accept that. So it's working as it should, but for whatever reason, changing that title will bypass that and just start the stream up on its own.


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Changing that title should not start any stream.
Chances are good that you've set a hotkey to 'start streaming' in Settings->Hotkeys and are pressing it while you are updating that title. It's very common for new users to bind enter or space as their 'start streaming' hotkey, not realizing that it will trigger ANY time that key is pressed for any reason, ever. OBS uses hotkeys, not shortcuts. :)

If you haven't set a hotkey to Start Streaming, go into Settings->Hotkeys and search for Start Streaming, then hit the trash can icon to force-clear it.
I don't have a hotkey set for streaming to start, only recording, and that is Shift+End which would be very difficult to accidentally hit.

And even if I did, I should still be getting the dialog box asking if I wanted to start the stream or not.