Stream Key not working for FB or twitch on OBS.


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Hello, I am new to the forum and I wanted to first say that I am needing help in resolving this issue that I am currently experiencing with OBS not reading my stream key. I have tried multiple things which are listed below.

1. Updated my GT 1030 Nvidia Graphics driver.
2. Updated OBS to the latest 28.0.1 version.
3. tried changing the browser from chrome to edge.
4. I tried going to twitch instead of Facebook with the same issue.
5. I tried using a persistent stream key.
6. I tried changing the network in OBS to bind to IP

If someone would be willing to look at my situation and please look at my current logfiles and see if there is something that you see that could/would being causing the issue, that would help me out so much. Thank you in advance.


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I figured out the problem. Apparently I needed to make a new profile on obs and then obs asked me to use their recommended settings. right after, I put in the new stream key and it worked.