Stream audio desyncs over time from the new obs update (28.0.1)


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I have just recently updated my windows to the most recent one and did a test stream last night

vod in question:
Also I am utilizing the beta feature now (Application Audio Capture on VLC) that's why you dont hear my music anymore in the vod (just game gameplay)
Now that I am checking the vod now, I realize that the vod on the other half starts to desync over time while the first half is doing fine so far.

Could there be a reason why this starts to desync?

-r5 3600
-rx 570
-3200mhz 16gb ram


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Don't know that this specifically helps you, but I also see the audio lagging behind over time on macOS 12 & 13 (2021 MacBook Pro w/ M1 Max, 64 GB RAM) with OBS 28.1.1, so I do not believe that it is an issue specific to Windows.

I use OBS as a virtual camera, and to do noise suppression, gating, compression, etc, on my microphone, with the output going to a Rogue Amoeba Loopback 2 audio device for use in things like Zoom. Prior to OBS 28, I could leave OBS running for weeks at a time without any desync between the audio and video. Since upgrading to OBS 28, I need to restart OBS at least a couple of times a day to get the audio back in sync.