Question / Help Stream always seems to look pixelated or blurry when there is a lot of motion


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No matter what i seem to do the stream always looks terrible when there is a lot of movement I have tried increasing bitrate I usually used 6000 bitrate streaming at 720p60 but I tried streaming at 12000 bitrate but same problem (I stream on youtube). I also have an upload speed of 105 mbps. I have also tried changing from full to partial color and changing the color space, I have also tried changing the preset, turning on look-ahead and changing keyframe interval

PC Specs:
gtx 1060 3gb
i5 8400
16 gb ddr4 2666 mhz ram
b-360m gaming-plus gaming s
not sure what the psu is but I think it is around 450 to 550w
120gb ssd
1 terrabyte hard drive
air cooling
windows 10

Log File:

obs 1.PNG

obs 1.PNG

obs 3.PNG


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