Stopping Recording frozen sometimes while dual streaming/recording.


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I currently stream and record simultaneously my Xbox gameplay through my computer. I have an El Gato 4K60 Pro MK.2 that receives my Xbox data then sends it to my tv. All streaming and recording is handled by my computer. I've tried countless options but every 1 in 4 recordings or so, when I click the stop recording, the button gets stopped on "Stopping recording" and nothing happens. The recording timer continues to tick up and I can still press pause like normal but the recording itself doesn't stop. I left it for 45ish minutes this last time it happened and nothing but the frozen button. I also got this error message when I reopened OBS after this last freeze.

Logs attached. I feel like my system can handle this but obviously I could be completely wrong. Only trying to stream and record at 1080p60fps max.


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