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Hi! quick question. Is there a way to use this plugin's replay buffer as a way to save highlights of a specific source? Im using the OBS built in replay buffer to make highlights of the current scene in obs but id like to also make take a highlight of my full facecam scene at the same time.

maybe im missing something, but using the "save replay" button for source record's replay buffer still just saves a clip of whatever was shown on screen and not the specific scene id like it to record. Any help or insight on how to get this working would be a huge help!


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I love this plugin, thank you so much!

I would love to use this plugin to record two separate sources that have an alpha channel. My thought was the best way to do that was to add the source record filter to a group that contains both the source with alpha channel and a green screen, and then order my filters such that FIRST the source record happens, and THEN a chroma key filters out alpha channel, however, source record seems to record the final image (post chroma key) despite the order on the filters. Is there a work around for this? Am I making it too complicated and there's just a codec that could do this for me?

Parent recording with all sources:

How I organized one of the transparent sources I'd like to record in a group with filters:

The remuxed video:

(I have confirmed the premiere pro that the black background here is indeed black and not transparent)


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Hello @Exeldro! How are you today?

Sorry to bother you but I was extensively trying to use this plugin without success and found a problem that I can reproduce 100% of the time. If I set the path to the recording file, OBS doesn't startup anymore, I have to manually remove the filter from the JSON config file in order to make it to boot again. There are no crash logs, OBS just doesn't start anymore after a shutdown.

I've found that If I just add the filter and do not set anything, this problem does not happens anymore, but the moment I set a path, it happens again. I've noticed that adding the filter with the default config, there are no path info in the JSON file, it assumes I want to use my default videos system folder and the plugin works great, it spits out the file there (d:/Videos/).

This is what the real time log shows up, not sure why those backslashes are different. I set the plugin to record the same time as I start recording the main OBS output:

undefine13:12:00.507: ==== Recording Start ===============================================
13:12:00.507: [ffmpeg muxer: 'adv_file_output'] Writing file 'G:/Vídeos/OBS/MuvRH/2022-05-03 13-12-00.mkv'...
13:12:00.510: ---------------------------------
13:12:00.510: [FFmpeg aac encoder: 'Source Record'] bitrate: 128, channels: 2, channel_layout: 3
13:12:00.514: [ffmpeg muxer: 'Source Record'] Writing file 'D:\Vídeos/test 2022-05-03 13-12-00.mkv'...
13:12:00.517: save_or_load_event_callback 1, 1198450969
13:12:00.517: obs save event
13:12:00.577: [ffmpeg muxer: 'Source Record'] Writing file 'D:\Vídeos/test 2022-05-03 13-12-00.mkv'...d

The moment I add the path, again, it shows up in the JSON config file and that's when my OBS does not starts up anymore.

Thank you.
Created an account to parrot @ASchneider . I am having the same issue. I can install it just fine and add the filter, make any adjustments to the filter settings, and record the current stream. However if I close out of OBS it will not re-open. If I add the filter and leave all the settings to default, I can re-open OBS just fine. Not sure what's causing it but currently my only workaround is adding the filter each session, making the changes, and then removing the filter at the end. It's not ideal so if someone has found a fix to this it would be much appreciated.


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for some reason, when i use source record to record my webcam and gameplay separately they're never recorded for the same amount of time at all.

Webcam is always a second longer than the gameplay.


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I have no clue if anyone else had this issue.

I noticed now, that when I start recording my game capture source with it and I'm playing a game, everything is fine. If I decide to switch games, turn the previous one off and turn the new one on, then the game capture source on OBS like freezes up and refuses to capture a new game unless I turn off the recording in the source record plugin. But even after that, the recording file does not finish encoding, unless I crash OBS on my own.

Once the new game starts capturing, restarting the source record plugin sometimes crashes whole OBS or when it looks like the new game is recording, the final recording file only has the footage that has been captured up until the game switch and the new game footage does not even get created.

If I would put this issue simply, if I stop source record before switching games, I have no issues.
If I switch games without stopping source record, I might get OBS crashes, unfinished recording files, game capture source freezes.

Would it be possible to make the plugin record even the black game capture screen when it is looking for a new game to capture so It would not cut off the recording? If other people are experiencing this that would probably prevent them and me from losing footage without even realizing that they are losing it.