Question / Help Sound Sizzle when I play bass on Scarlett 2i2


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I want to stream some music using OBS.
I'm facing some problems.

I use a sound interface (Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen) and OBS Studio.

Here are my problems:

1- When I want to add a new Sound Capture (entry), I choose my Scarlett but no sound is detected.

2- To have sound, I have to change the Mic/Aux settings and choose my Scarlett. This way it's working but I can't have a mic at the same time (i have a usb mic) because no sound is detected on the new source.

3- When I record some music with my Scarlett and my electric bass, the sound recorded from the Scarlett is very bad and sizzle a lot.

It would be very helpfull to have some advices or solutions.

I thank you very much in advance and i'm ready to give any informations you need in order to help me.

Axel - Adexas

My log file :