Question / Help SOLVED - Videos only record audio from Track 1 despite having separate audio tracks enabled.


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AFAIK I'm running the latest OBS version available for my OS.

If I have both the desktop audio and microphone use the same track (desktop audio - track 1 box checked, mic/aux - track 1 box checked), the video captures both.
When I try to record a video with Desktop Audio on Track 1 and Mic/Aux on Track 2, only Desktop Audio on Track 1 can be heard on the video. I have played both the mkv file and the OBS remuxed mp4 file on VLC and only Track 1 (Desktop Audio) is available on Audio>"Audio Track".

I've followed the instructions from to use Audacity, but when I drag the OBS remuxed mp4 file to Audacity I'm not prompted to pick a track because there's only one AAC track. I repeated this with video formats flv, ts, and m3u8 with the same results.

I've followed the instruction from to use HandBrake but only one AAC track shows up in Audio>"Track List". I couldn't find a way to select a different track in Audio>"Track Selection".

FFmpeg Info:
Installed through Octopi, my package management program for Manjaro Linux.
Octopi says it's version: 1:4.2.1-2

Audacity Info:
Installed through Octopi, my package management program for Manjaro Linux.
Audacity version: 2.3.2 (newest version for my OS)
Preferences>Libraries>FFmpeg Library Version: F(58.29.100),C(58.54.100),U(56.31.100)
According to under FFmpeg version support it says "On GNU/Linux only, Audacity 2.1.3 and later supports FFmpeg/libav up to avformat/avcodec 57.x.x, which is compatible with current FFmpeg 3.x.x/libav 12 releases."

A bit below the page it tells you how to interpret FFmpeg library versions: "FFmpeg Library Version should now show a set of three version numbers for the sub-libraries of FFmpeg ("F" for libavformat version, "C" for libavcodec version and "U" for libavutil version)."

So if I understand this correctly since I'm using avformat 58.29.100 and avcodec 58.54.100 which are greater than 57.x.x, even if OBS did record multiple audio tracks I still wouldn't be able to use Audacity to edit any other track except the first one.