manjaro linux

  1. Lengran

    qsv/vaapi encoder unavailable in obs

    I just switched from Windows to Linux and find the qsv encoder missing in obs. After some searching I still don't have a clue on how to fix it. Can someone give me some ideas so I can get it working please? Thanks for any help. Screenshot of OBS encoder settings: My hardware setting is Acer...
  2. rob215x

    OBS on Manjaro Linux - Best Solution So Far!!

    Hi, I've only been streaming a few weeks but I love OBS. I'm also on Manjaro Linux and it's been my primary OS for over 3 years. This post is for anyone having trouble with OBS on Manjaro Linux, especially the missing "browser" source. I just spent 3 days installing and uninstalling various...
  3. H

    screen capture (XHSM) stucking on 1 picture and flickering

    Just downloaded OBS on linux manjaro KDE all sources work fine but screen capture (XHSM) I have 2 monitors both of them stuck on 1 picture and one of them keeps flickering while freezing and the cursor moves normally. I used OBS on linux mint on the same laptop before and it was working fine
  4. W

    strange flickering v25.0.8-1 manjaro

    Hi for some reason sometimes i get weird screen flickering and i don't know whats causing it. I did try a lot of results from the internet but nothing seems to work. And the problem is, after some time flickering just disappears and everything works as intended. Video...
  5. I

    Question / Help Colors washed out - made videos to compare

    This is a screenshot of how the colors should look like. This is a playlist of of all the combinations for Settings>Advanced>Video>(Color Format, Color Space, and Color Range): OS: Manjaro Linux Current LOG FILE...
  6. I

    Question / Help SOLVED - Videos only record audio from Track 1 despite having separate audio tracks enabled.

    OBS Log Files: Current log file: Last log file: AFAIK I'm running the latest OBS version available for my OS. If I have both the desktop audio and microphone use the same track (desktop audio - track 1 box...